My days are being more peaceful, different from the rush of the last months with all those events and fairs. It’s good, but I confess that I get a little lost, because I have so many things on my wish list that I can not decide for one and I just do not enjoy the time I want. But things, even at a slow pace, are flowing! I decided to start this Quilt Pattern Midnight Blooms quilt.

I was able to take care of my pots of plants that were clustered in the side aisle there in the studio since the renovation we did two months ago. I cleaned and cleaned (the gardener already took care of the plants) and made an inventory of the ones that I want to relocate, because I plan to start planting some fruit p

lants. The good thing is to be able to do a little gardening once in a while! I Love.

But taking advantage of spring, will we continue with our Midnight Blooms Quilt Project? I already got mine. It took me a while because of the last events, but the first block is almost ready. I am doing in the Technique Virada da Agulha, which is my favorite and, incidentally, I use to show some pictures of a tip for the stems of flowers:

Pattern Free (Here) Instructions Midnight Blooms

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